The Studio

Maya del Barrio is a Spanish graphic designer and art director currently living in Barcelona and Ibiza. She’s passionate about art, nature and traditional printing techniques, mixing disciplines providing warmth and emotion to graphic design.

Multidisciplinary designer specializing in branding, packaging design, web design, illustration and concept development, Maya founded her own studio in 2008. The studio has a wide network of partners specialized in their fields such as photographers, artists or programmers allowing us to integrate graphic design, photography, art direction, communication and strategy.

"We believe in friendly and tailored design. Every project is handled with care and attention to detail."
The StudioThe Studio
What can we do for you?
Branding & Logo Design
We work with you to truly understand your brand and your business objectives. The values and the emotion that a brand transmits to us, give way to an identity that is dynamic and distinctive at both formal and conceptual aspects.
/   Brand Identity
/   Logo Design
/   Visual Language
/   Brand Guidelines
/   Concept Development
Art Direction & Photography
We develop concepts and images using all the creative resources at our disposal. We coordinate teams of professionals from different fields for the conceptualization and production of each project, actively participating in each step of the design process.
/   Campaign
/   Advertising
/   Retail Design
/   Set Design
/   Lookbook
Website & Digital Design
We design elegant web environments adapting the format to any device in order to create new user experiences. We deliver creative and functional solutions that favour communication that is clear and sensitive to consumers.
/   Website Design
/   Blog Design
/   E-Commerce Design
/   Responsive Design
/   Newsletter Design
Print & Graphic Design
We develop innovative print work that contributes to the visibility and individuality of the brand or entity it represents. Work that dynamically generates open visual codes that explore new relationships with the users and the public.
/   Stationery
/   Brochures & Catalogs
/   Magazines & Books
/   Packaging
/   Illustration